Wednesday, January 31, 2018

26th Jan (Fri)

I was watching TV, and came across a Cafe that serves breakfast for Senior's on Friday from 9.30am.

The Cafe is located at Bukit Batok West ave 4.  Breakfast are prepared by a group of volunteers.

The place is quite near to the Church that I am attending Bt. Batok premises. I went to racky the place the other day before I went for the cooking demo in Church, so that I know where is the place.

Initially, my mum is not keen to go as she saids have to take transport and ask me to go myself.  Told her, if you don't go, I can't go as it's for Senior's.  Then told her, we go try out for 1 time.  In the end, she agree.

There are Set A and Set B to choose from, I choose both set so that my mum and I could try the Set A and Set B.

We were given a card, when our numbers are being called, we go and collect the food.

One thing I like also is that not so many people, think around 30 - 40 people.


Set A - Waffle with omelette and fruit

Set B - Spaghetti with fruit

A cake to share among those in the same table.

Price : Pay as you wish

There's a talk by a speaker, Understanding Love, halfway through the talk, my mum was getting impatient and wanted to go back, no choice, got to leave, so didn't manage to finish listening to it.


  1. For free? How very nice!

  2. Oh, pay as you wish! I hope the patrons pay the cafe a fair price.

  3. Very nice breakfast sets to choose from. I also hope the patrons will pay a reasonable amount if they can afford to.

  4. Pay as you wish. Kind of donation.

    Western set. Very good meal.


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