Tuesday, January 23, 2018

20th Jan & 21st Jan

20th Jan (Sat)

My mum throw tantrum in the morning, keeps saiding she doesn't want to go Church. Told her, we go out walk walk, go Church, then go makan.

Went Bukit Merah Central Food Centre for early dinner after the service.  Most of the stalls are not open.  Not much variety to choose from.  My mum had lor mee @ $3 in which the gravy is very watery.  

While buying lor mee for my mum, saw a neighbourhood auntie pass by, ask her if she had eaten, she said she has eaten, then point to her where my mum is sitting, she then said she wants to go talk to my mum.  When she saw the lor mee, she ask me what's that, reply her lor mee.  She then ask me to order bee hoon for her.

As the other time, she had a fall and was in wheelchair, now that she's ok.  She mention she took a bus to Hougang, then from that, take a bus to Bukit Merah, if not at home, she got nothing to do. Then keep thanking me for the lor bee hoon, aiyo, she's an elderly, almost same age as my mum.  My pleasure to bless her with the meal.

I had yong tau foo, 5 pc with bee hoon mee @ $3

The sauce

I wanted to "get rid" of the neighborhood auntie, so tell my mum, we go coffeeshop order drink.  She then want hor fun @ $4.

21st Jan (Sun)

I only manage to go for 1 workout on Monday (15th Jan).  On every 3rd Sunday of the Month, there Senior Friendship Circle by Zone 3 RC.  My mum doesn't want to go, so I went for workout.  Hopefully, I can go for more workout.

Went to return books at the library, then at the cafe, ordered a Chocolate Lava Cake @ $4.  Eat back what I burnt out in the morning.

No chocolate flowing out

I manage to make it for the 5pm Sunday at the Park workout.


  1. Hi Sharon,
    thank God for your patience!

  2. I feel for you. Not easy to take care of old people, may God grant you strength, bless you in what you do.

  3. The larva cake is cute, like a small hat hehe!

  4. I also want a flowing lava. Hehe.

    God bless you for your kindness.

  5. Taking care of old people needs a lot of patience


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