Tuesday, January 16, 2018

15th Jan (Mon)

Elder-sitting for my mum was supposed to be on Tuesday, but the lady has training on Tuesday, so was change to Monday.


Collection of Food Pack (on behalf of my mum) was suppose to be on every 2nd Saturday of the month from 2pm at the Community Centre.  As last Saturday, I was attending a talk and Sunday, I didn't go and collect.

There's a cafe at the Community Centre selling ice cream, but the weather was a bit cold, so didn't go for it, but go for a hot latte with hazelnut flavor @ $3.50.

After that, went to the counter to collect the Food pack.  While at the counter, i'm a curious person, I came across a Community Centre where they gave Ang Bao for Senior's age 65 and above.  So I ask the staff, how come I came across places giving Ang Bao for Senior's age 65 and above but our constituency doesn't have.  Was told different constituency have different ways in handling things. 

* Picture taken from Facebook

Went for a workout in the evening and had a great chit chat with a kaki.

While on the way back, and buying supper for my mum, saw from the Bakery shop Almond Danish @ $1.50, bought it back to try out.


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