Wednesday, January 17, 2018

16th Jan (Tue)

My mum feet is still swollen after a week.  So went back to Polyclinic see Doctor.  This round, she was given medication.  After seeing Doctor, was at Jurong West st. 42 having lunch, as usual, my mum had her fish soup from her favourite stall.

I had spicy chicken rice @ $4.30 from the stall selling Korean foods.

My plan was to go workout in the evening, but I was so tired that I skip the workout.  Got to work harder in coming days.


  1. I hope your mom feet will be alright after the taking the medication. The spicy chicken rice sounds interesting.

  2. I had chicken rice yesterday but just the rice with stewed pork. Post on it coming soon!

  3. 希望伯母趕緊好起來啊!

  4. You are so hardworking in workouts! I only go for my line dancing once a week to sweat out.. lazy!


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