Friday, January 26, 2018

23rd Jan (Tue)

As usual, elder-sitting for my mum on Tuesday.  Then she went PPHCSC listen to others sing karaoke.

* Picture taken on Facebook

I have told my kaki Sharon that I will not be able to go for workout on Monday for 12 weeks and ask her to let me know if she do go for workout on Tuesday.

Usually Sharon will go for the Monday workout, sometimes if something pops up and she is not able to make it, she will go for Tuesday workout (if nothing pops up for her).  It so happen last minute, she's not able to go for the Monday session as her mum is not feeling well.  Sharon can only confirm if she can go on Tuesday in the later part of the day. 

If Sharon can make it, I will go to the same place where Sharon goes, if not, I will go for the one nearer my place.  Was happy to receive message that she could make it and able to catch up with her.

Last week, I only did 1 workout during the weekdays, hopefully I am able to attend it for more days.


  1. Did you sing karaoke to entertain your mum too?

  2. Hope you get to do more workout soon.

  3. Hope you will be able to attend more workouts. Our walking exercise has been reduced due to the rain.

  4. Sharon and Sharon are best friends always. Do you feel funny to have a friend having same name? Muahahahaha


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