Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Random Post

I need to get my grocery from the supermarket, so I thought I will drop by my friend stall in Bukit Timah Food Centre to chit chat with her before going to the supermarket at Bukit Timah Plaza which is opposite to get my grocery.

Before going Bukit Timah Food Centre, drop by Sunset Way to satisfy my craving of the Chicken Pie I had in mind.

Saw they also sell Shepherd Pie, decided to have that as it's smaller in size and just in case I could not finish the Chicken Pie which is bigger.  Shepherd Pie cost $4.20.

Inside the Shepherd Pie, there is chicken, button mushroom, pea, diced carrot.

Stomach still have room, so 2nd round, char Siew sou @ $1.20.

Har gow @ $2.50

While at the Food Centre, saw a new stall selling Chendol, original chendol is $1.50, chendol with red bean is $2, chendol with sweet corn is $2, chendol with durian is $3.

I was sitting near my friend stall eating my chendol, when I saw the sliced fish soup stall assistant looking at me eating the chendol, so after my friend done with the customers, we were talking and I mention to her about the sliced fish soup stall assistant, friend was mentioning she was jealous I bought chendol for friend and not her, so I told friend, no reason for me to buy for her lor.

After buying my grocery, went to have coffee before going back since I have not had coffee for the day yet.  Coffee @ $1.50.

When I saw the picture of the otah toast, I was tempted, so bought @ $2.20 to eat.


  1. Shepherd pie has lamb inside, cottage pie has beef. Otak with toast? Hmmm...never tried that.

  2. 我的妈呀!原来我也有一阵子没有吃过Cendol了呢!想念啊…

  3. I like chicken pie, har gao and cendol! u made me hungry now...

  4. Your stomach and my stomach I think about the same size :D

    1. When we get to meet,our table will be full of foods, hehe...

  5. Nice food you ordered, Sharon. Salivating here ;P


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