Thursday, August 3, 2017

Unhealthy Meal

On Tuesday, Icon workout is Piloxing, J, B and I do not like Piloxing, so we didn't go Icon. J & B (Mother & Daughter) went jalan jalan.  So left me, i end up in Harbourfront workout.  After the workout, i thought i will go Harbourfront Centre Toast Box having a cup of coffee, when the staff told me they are closed.  I was thinking, what, so early closed, ask them, the staff reply their closing time is 7.30pm.  No fate with Toast Box.

The nearest Toast Box is at Vivo City, but i didn't walk to the Toast Box at Vivo City, as usually the Toast Box at Vivo City is crowded, don't think i can get a seat there.

I walk and walk and end up at Long John‘s Silver and was tempted by the Calamari. 

Couldn't resist the temptation, i ordered the 2 pc chickens & 5 pc calamari set @ $5.90.  Hmmm, i was thinking, i will have the calamari and fries, the chicken, i bring back let my mum have it for supper.  But in the end, when i was home, she was sleeping and the 2 pc chickens, have to keep in the fridge for next day to heat up and eat.

Comes with a cup of soft drink


  1. My girl would love this to bits but no, she cannot eat it anymore - the batter is not gluten-free. :(

  2. Piloxing is more intense, guess zumba is better la, more relax, just shake shake shake :P

  3. Now I want fried calamari too. Haha

  4. This is the first time I heard of Piloxing!

    I noticed that you worked out a lot and could walk for miles & miles to eat yummy food. You must be very thin and super fit. Kudos!

  5. Healthy or unhealthy, I love deep-fried calamari. But I would prefer tea to go for it. To clean the oiliness taste.

  6. I would love this deep fried calamari too! Eat first, exercise later. Ha ha!

  7. At least you exercise a lot. No guilt there! ^.^


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