Friday, August 18, 2017

Sheng Yi Fa Lor Mee

The first time I went for the Zumba at West Coast, after the workout, I pass by the coffeeshop and saw a stall selling Lor Mee, I thought I will come again another round since I eat something else the other round.

The stall used to be another famous Lor Mee from Bt. Purmei, if I am not wrong, due to the stall owner health, the stall closed down.  Now change hand to Sheng Yi Fa Lor Mee.

A bowl cost $4.  I like the ingredients but find the gravy a bit diluted.

Had Bee Hoon Mee


  1. Haven't found a really good lor mee here, some ok but all not like what I used to enjoy a long time ago. :(

    1. Here also, most places ok only, there's one which I like, but quite a distance, at Tanking Pagar...

  2. I think I need to visit you soon


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