Monday, August 7, 2017

Breakfast @ PPHCSC (4th Aug)

Have to bring my mum to PPHCSC for the weekly breakfast session on Friday.  Sometimes, i don't feel like going as the place is getting cramped due to many people and the foods are almost the same every week.

Had Milo

Bee Hoon with Mee and half Salted Bun with Red Bean filling


Usually, on the first of every month, they will celebrate the birthday for those born in the month.

Playing Bingo game

The breakfast session ends at around 11am.  After that, went back and rest for a while.  Then i ask my mum if she wants to go Jurong West jalan jalan, she ask me if i wants to bring her there, told her if she wants to go, will bring her there.

My mum wants the sliced fish soup at the usual coffeeshop she patron whenever she's there.  But i didn't take picture of it as she's halfway through after i went to order the dry pan mee which had fried anchovies, minced meat, lean meat, vegetables and an egg.  Cost of the dry pan mee : $4.

As i ordered the dry version of the u mian, there's black sauce

The soup

After walking one round, end up in another coffeeshop and having the chee cheong fun with char siew filling @ $2.

And some fried stuff, 1 for $0.80, 3 for $2


  1. Now that you might feel bored with the same weekly food, you can bring along some roasted meat or fried chicken to eat with their free mihun or fried rice. That would be nicer!

    1. Many people there, i paiseh to bring along...

  2. Been a long time since I played bingo. I think they called it lotto. You get to win money if you get a line or a full house.

  3. It's nice of you to still accompany your mum even though you find it boring.

    1. Have to bring her there, if not, she won't go...

  4. long time since I last played bingo...Ur mum really 'sporting', always wanna go around places and explore the foods...very unlike the typical seniors who prefers staying at home.

  5. Bingo!

    wah. I once tried it at a funfair games. LOL

  6. U mian looks nice. Your mom so blessed to have you to take her around.

  7. I like to eat beehoon with the pink colour chee cheong fun sauce.

  8. I love all the food you posted here. It's simple, yummy and satisfying.


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