Tuesday, August 22, 2017

It's Sunday again (13th Aug)

Usual routine, went Church with my mum on Sunday.

Refreshments after the service.  Love the glutinous rice with hei bi hiam filling.

Also got bee hoon that day

As usual, went Harbourfront for lunch.  This round, my mum want fish soup from another stall.  They goes by weight, $4.50 for 100g of fish.

Rice @ $0.50

I had green curry chicken @ $4, ask the lady stall owner if she closed on Sunday as previous few Sunday, it was closed.  She reply she's tired, so she closed on Sunday.

Rice @ $0.50

My mum wanted Indian rojak, so ordered a tau kwa (her favourite), potato, fried fritter with egg filling to share.  Total is $3.

After finishing our lunch, we went Harbourfront walk walk.

Random photo taken while walking to Harbourfront.

Since we had a heavy lunch, ordered a large Kopicinno (kopi mixed with Milo) @ $2.50 to share before going home.


  1. I see a cruise ship! Never been on one, scared...but they say it is so much fun, and so much to eat!!!

  2. Nice refreshment, love the bee hoon. I feel like having hot coffee now because it is raining heavily now.

  3. Green curry chicken? Why so yummy one ... so much food. I want to attend your church. :D


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