Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Random Post

28th August

As for the incident on Sunday (27th Aug) in Church between Auntie Mary and Auntie Alice, I do not know exactly what happen and also do not know how to help Auntie Mary.

So I thought I will go PPHCSC and talk to the staff.  Talk to one of the staff, James and after discussing with his superior Ms Rosalind and Mr Lawrence and another staff Mee Huan, James and Mee Huan visited Auntie Mary.

Auntie Mary called me, since we stay nearby, told her why not we meet at the market to chat instead of over the phone.  She told me James and Mee Huan visited her.  She will go Church, she will go English service instead of Chinese service.

And then tell me not to talk too much to Auntie Lee as Auntie Lee and Auntie Alice are good friends.  And Auntie Lee went with Auntie Alice to Church before. In future, she won't go West Coast (they went together once after Sunday service) anymore with Auntie Lee.

29th August

I went PPHCSC again wanted to talk to James about it, but James was on leave.  Mee Huan is there, so mention to her about what Auntie Mary mention.  She reply that Auntie Lee follow the transport to Church and came for the Friday breakfast, that's where everyone got to know Auntie Lee.

In the afternoon, Auntie Lee came to listen to others sang at the Karaoke.  Auntie Mary came too.  They did talk to each other.  Hope everything turns out well.


  1. So many Aunties spoil the soup. LOLOL
    When one gets older, they have developed another level of stubborn and temperamental stage. We just have to tolerate them.

  2. Good to know the aunties are talking to each other again.

  3. Ayoyo ..these aunties arhh. Life is short, make it sweet ;)


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