Friday, August 11, 2017

Sunday Routine (6th Aug)

As usual, Sunday, went Church with my mum.

Usually after the service, there will be refreshment served.  If i didn't remember wrongly, beside the usual bread, butter cake/pandan chiffon cake, should be first time i saw kuehs being served.

As usual, my mum wanted to go Harbourfront for lunch.  She had her favourite duck rice from her favourite duck stall, while i had chicken rice set, i add an egg.  The chicken is not bad, only that the portion is quite small.

Comes with vegetables

The rice which i find not so oily which i like



The Chicken Rice set cost $3.50, as i add an egg to it, so it's $4.50. 

Then went Harbourfront walk one round, then my mum wanted to go Heavenly Wang eat macaroni.  The chicken macaroni set which comes with a bowl of  chicken macaroni, 1 slice of bread with kaya butter and a cup of large kopi and the cost is $7.80.

After that, we went back where i rest for a while before going for the Sundays at the Park workout.


  1. I wonder where is this Harbourfront Walk located? Just curious.

    1. Opp Harbourfront Centre (where passenger take ferry to Batman)...

  2. The veggie is like that?? For one person?? So little or they should use smaller plate or bowl to serve. Lol

  3. Yah, your chicken rice looks like a small portion. Won't be enough for me.

  4. I'd go for duck, like your mum.

  5. I prefer duck. The rice looks good, not so oily. I am feeling hungry now. Too early for dinner. He he...

  6. i like both duck and chicken rice!

  7. I will say it again - Sharon, you really know where to find the yummiest food!


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