Monday, August 21, 2017

Claypot Chicken Rice

Need to bring my mum to run some errands, after done with the errands, we end up in the food court at Jcube.  My mum wants claypot rice, so ordered claypot chicken rice for her.

Claypot chicken rice is $6.30, the lady ask if I wanted to add an egg, which cost $0.70.  Total is $7, with the Kopitiam card, there's 10% discount, so I paid $6.30.  The claypot chicken rice comes with chicken, chinese sausage, salted fish, egg.  As I was not very hungry, I didn't ordered any food but took some from her's.


  1. I like!!! Can't eat this anymore as it has soy sauce, not gluten free. My girl loves it too but she is gluten-sensitive. :(

    1. If they have for 1 person like this one, u can eat...

  2. I love clay pot chicken rice but have not tried adding egg to it. Looks delicious!

  3. Ayoyo ..the claypot chicken rice looks so delicious! Better than any I have tried.


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