Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Blessed Lunch (19th Aug)

亲友午宴, a lunch event by PPH Church Chinese Ministry where there's lunch, songs and testimonial by 张秀梅牧师 from Malaysia.  Venue is at Summer Garden Restaurant, Safra Mt. Faber, 2 Telok Blangah Way, Singapore 098893 from 12pm to 3pm.

Cost is $30 per person if ticket is bought from Church.  If buy from PPHCSC, cost per person is $20, $10 will be borne by the Church.

I did not buy the tickets in the first place as nowadays my mum walking not so good.  I was surprised a week before the event, while at the weekly breakfast at PPHCSC, the Chinese Ministry Pastor came over to me and told me that my mum and I have been attending the Church regularly, he blessed my mum and I with the lunch and the cost will be borne by the Church.  Transport is provided to and fro.

Total, there are 30 tables.  11 tables is allocated to PPHCSC.  We are allowed to sit at any tables that is allocated to PPHCSC.

There's an empty seat beside me, it so happen the Manager of PPHCSC was sitting beside me, he was busy walking around, so I took picture of the food.

The 2nd dish, shark fin.  I only manage to take 2 picture of the foods as I shy to take after that.  Total, there are 8 dishes.  Other dishes included steamed fish, prawn, vegetable with mushroom, yee mee, fried chicken, dessert.


  1. That first dish looks good. Sharks' fins??? Hmmmmm....

  2. You and mom are blessed indeed! Looks like a great lunch!

  3. The cold dish looked good. When have dinner in restaurant, I always so look forward to the cold dish (first dish). ^^

  4. You are so happening, Sharon. I am more of a home person. :)


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