Thursday, August 10, 2017

Dhactulose Syrup

My mum's appetite can be quite good at certain days and at certain days, her appetite, ok only.  At first, i notice that she doesn't pass motion frequent.  But i didn't take note on how many days then she did her business.  Recently, i thought that i will take note on it.  The last time she pass motion is on 23rd July, after a week has passed, she didn't pass motion and i was quite worried.  She do have input but no output.  Oh dear, cannot lah.  The day, the Social Worker came (2th Aug), mention to him about it and ask my mum to see the doctor, the reply get from my mum is tong long lah, don't want lah, don't want to see doctor.  So i thought i will take things into my own hand.  I took my mum Identity Card and Pioneer Generation Card, went to the usual Doctor my mum see, i ask the staff at the registration counter, my mum didn't pai sai for many days, can i buy the medicine on behalf of her, the registration staff ask me to see the doctor on behalf of my mum.  The doctor prescribe Dhactulose Syrup (60mls) for her.  10ml/s to be take 3 times a day. 

When i went back, ask my mum to take the medicine, she's quite cooperative.  The next day - Thursday (morning), when i ask her to take medicine, she throw tantrum and said i want her to lao sai (diarrhoea), don't want to eat, want to throw away the medicine.  In the evening, i ask her again to take medicine, she told me that she has pass motion, don't want to take medicine. And then tell me tomorrow then take medicine.

On Friday morning, ask her again to take medicine, again she refuse to take the medicine, only evening, then she take medicine (Maybe good mood at that time after bringing her go out jalan jalan).

Saturday, again, she didn't want to take the medicine.  Sunday morning, she did pass a little bit of motion, i dare not ask her to take the medicine as she's going Church, worried if she were to take the medicine and she doesn't want to wear adult diaper, if she were to pass motion, and outside will be troublesome.  Before coming back, at Harbourfront, i try to sweet talk her, telling her, come home, must take medicine, back home, she's cooperative and took the medicine.

Monday morning, she pass a little bit of motion, i didn't ask her to take medicine, but mix it with the cereal and then another round, mixed with the coffee she drank.

Finally, on Tuesday, she pass motion.


  1. Good that it got her bowels to function.

  2. You are doing a good thing, Sharon.. no doubt needs a lot of patience.. well done..

  3. I am familiar with this medicine. My dad got take before.

  4. Gosh. It is hard when the elderly is very stubborn and not co-operative. Glad she takes your advice.

  5. Your patience paid off, Sharon. You are amazing at taking care of your mom. :)

  6. Looking after the elderly is not easy, needs lots of patience. You are doing a great job. The best way is mixed the syrup with the food or drink. Keep up your good work!

  7. I think another way is buying the small tablet type. Put inside her char siew bao! Wakakaka

  8. It is awesome to have a daughter who take so much time and care for her mom. Awesome job!!!

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