Thursday, August 24, 2017

Sunday (20th August)

Sunday routine to the church.

A couple was hosting the refreshments for the day, the couple son one month.

My mum had chicken hor fun from one of the stall at Seah Im Food Centre.  $3.

The soup

I had dumpling noodle @ $3.50, I don't quite like the dumpling as the dumpling taste weird, but the noodle is nice.


My mum wants Mutton Soup, order a bowl $4

The Mutton

After walking a round at Harbourfront Centre, went Heavenly Wang for coffee before going back. My mum wants bread and coffee, set is cheaper compare to just order bread and coffee.  The set cost $5.


  1. The half-boiled eggs were perfect, very nicely done. I like it that way.

  2. $5 for the coffee, egg and toast set is cheap. I would love to have one now!

  3. That was a nice Sunday. All about eating.

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