Monday, August 7, 2017

Breakfast @ PPHCSC (28th July)

As usual, on Friday morning, brought my mum to PPH for the breakfast session.  Something which i can't figure out is there's many Malay's in my kampong, and from what i understand, Halal lunch on Monday, less than 30 people, whereby Breakfast session on Friday draws more than 100 residents.  And that makes the place very cramped.

Bee hoon and mee, i like this kind of mee more than yellow noodles, and 1/2 you tiao.


After that, i went to buy grocery and packed back a packet of chicken rice for my mum's and she finish that packet of chicken rice.  

Then brought my mum to PPHCSC for a cup of milo while i browse through the newspaper.

After that, my mum said wants to go to the nearby Indian eatery to makan.  Ordered rice with an egg and a piece of fish, cost $4.  Shared with her the food.


  1. The Indian food seemed expensive.

    1. I am not keen to go there as I know not cheap, but no choice, my mum want to eat it...

  2. Indian food is a bit pricey here too. I go occasionally to satisfy a craving. :)


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