Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Week 24 (Part 2)

16th Jun (Sat)

If my mum didn't go church, usually I will sit anywhere and do some chit chatting with the churchgoer before service starts.

After service, went Bukit Merah View for early dinner.

Had porridge

With half salted egg


Chicken with chinese sausage and chinese mushroom.  Total : $4.30.

17th Jun (Sun)

Zone 3 Senior Friendship Circle (For age 60 and above) is on every 3rd Sunday of the month.

Initially, my mum doesn't wants to go, in order to get her out of the house for a walk , if not, she will be at home sitting there staring at the four walls, and to go to the SFC where there are many seniors around, told her, can save on one meal if she were to go.

As there are extra, I get to eat too, only that mine has no ingredients.

After seeing the tau sar peah in STP blog, I was craving for it, went to a neighbourhood bakery shop to buy a piece to satisfy my craving.


  1. I like porridge with salted egg!

  2. I totally love the chicken with chinese sausage dish! Will try to cook something similar one day. ^.^

  3. Tau sar peah skin not flaky? The ones here, rather messy to eat. Bits of the skin all over the table.

  4. Porridge with salted egg. Simple but comforting. I don't mind having it sometime.

  5. The whole porridge set meal is so delicious and cheap.

    It is definitely good to keep your mum's brains active by going out to meet people or sight seeing. I wish to go to such places with free meals when I am an old man.

    1. And I like to eat at that stall...

      I want her to go out, if she doesn't want to go, have to think of ways to make her go...


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