Monday, June 4, 2018

Week 22 (Part 1)

28th May (Mon)

When my mum went down to wait for the transport, the weather was good.  Out of sudden, there was a heavy downpour.  Should be the first time since she went Day Care Centre that it rains in the morning when the transport fetch her as usually, there are cases when she came back, it's raining.

Need to go supermarket buy grocery.

Lunch is at Tori Q @ JEM

Order Set A @ $6.70 which has rice,  2 chicken, 1 chicken ball and 1 pork.

Nagomi Bento (Karasukarai) @ $10.80 from Isetan West gate for my mum.

* Facebook picture - Meaty lunch and somemore Public Holiday tomorrow, have to burn off calories by going for Strong by Zumba at Capital Tower.

29th May (Tue)

Bring my mum to an event.

Lunch is provided - saw some people went to take lunch while I was taking drink, so join in to take lunch, only to realize that there is spring roll and tau kwa.  My mum has kway teow mixed with bee Hoon.

I had hokkien mee

Dinner is nasi lemak which I add a begedil @ $3.50.  I did not buy 2 packet but bought some other small items (didn't take picture) to share with my mum.

30th May (Wed)

It was raining in the morning when my mum went to wait for the transport.

Was telling the male staff (usually morning is a female staff fetch, but the female staff was on course, so the male staff fetch), Mon, you fetch, rain, today u fetch, also rain. 

Then ask him, today got Malay guy.  Was surprise when told, Malay guy was discharge, he won't be going to the Day Care Centre anymore.

I have very much want to visit ADACafe, but has put it off due to the distance from my place to there, but today, I have made a trip there (Another post).

As I need to buy fruit and food for my mum dinner, was at one of the hawker centre near to the ADACafe.  Had tau suan @ $1.20


  1. Kway teow with bihun? Here, we have kway teow and mee - supposed to be in tomorrow's post in my blog but I have moved it to the next day. Something else scheduled for tomorrow.

  2. The Japanese food looked good. TOEI-Q uses pure Japanese rice! They have to highlight this probably due to many outlets using local rice.

  3. 這篇讓我想念日本餐了!

  4. Love the look of the skewers in Tori's.

    Lek tau suan. Long time didn't have this dessert.


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