Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Week 23 (Part 2)

5th Jun (Tue)

Again, went to knock on Uncle Tang's door.  Again, nobody open the door, finger cross.

Feel like having fried egg with luncheon meat.

with maggie mee

6th Jun (Wed)

While waiting for the transport with my mum, open the letterbox and receive the letter stating that the mammogram I went on 22th May has been reported as normal.

Has been wanting to try out the Bukit Panjang Park Connector (another post), halfway through the walk, saw a coffeeshop and stop by to have lunch.

Had mixed rice @ $3.40 with tau kee, long bean and fish.

rice with curry chicken gravy

long bean


tau kee

7th Jun (Thur)

My mum was schedule to see the specialist at the hospital in the afternoon.

As usual, she goes to the Day Care Centre in the morning.  Went in after her lunch at the Day Care Centre to bring her for her medical appointment.

Not too sure if she did finish up her lunch at the Day Care Centre, as when we reach the hospital, I ask get if she wants to eat something, she said yes and she wants the yong tau foo, inside 4 pcs only with a bit of vegetable

with kway teow @ $5.50

After seeing the specialist, we were at Hanis and my mum wants Western food.  As my mum has slight cough, didn't order chicken for her but fish and chips set @ $9.80.

The set comes with a garlic bread which ends up in my stomach as a bit hard for her to chew.

Soup of the day

Thought of ordering ice lemon tea, but was thinking, since she's coughing, hot beverage will be better, so coffee.

Tom yam pasta for me @ $5.50


  1. Glad that your mom enjoyed western food too!!

  2. cooked luncheon meat and eggs. I feel like I want to eat that too...

  3. "...the mammogram I went on 22th May has been reported as normal..." Praise the Lord! The mystery of Uncle Tang continues. Maybe you should call the police?

    1. This morning, I was at PPHCSC, the staff couldn't get hold of him too, finger cross...

  4. Luncheon meat with noodles is so delicious. Home-cooked comfort food..


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