Monday, June 18, 2018

Week 24 (Part 1)

11th Jun (Mon)

I had an appointment to attend to @ Hong Kah North CC, since I was early, thought I will go for lunch first.

Had porridge @ $3.70

Scallop with sliced fish

12th Jun (Tue)

I had a slice of fish that has been in the fridge for quite sometimes, so decided to fry it.

Fried batang steak

13th Jun (Wed)

Need to buy grocery, was at Bukit Merah Central Food Centre as there a stall there that sells kolo mee which I wanted to try.

Kolo new @ $4, which has char siew and minced meat.  Their opening hours are Monday to Friday : 11am to 8pm.  Saturday is their rest day.  Sunday is from 8am to 3pm.

The kolo mee

14th Jun (Thur)

My meal.


and what I had @ $2.80


Steamed egg with a bit of minced meat

Shrimp paste chicken

15th Jun (Fri)

It was raining in the early morning of Hari Raya Puasa, when the rain stops, ask my mum if she wants to go out and eat.

We took a bus and went to the nearby place to have our lunch.  My mum had vegetarian kway chap @ $4.

Mine bee hoon mixed with mee and with some ingredients @ $3.80.

Hash brown

Beancurd roll

Vegetarian fish


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