Thursday, June 14, 2018

Week 23 (Part 3)

8th Jun (Fri)

I was schedule to see doctor for the result of the blood test I did last Friday.

The happiest part is that my result is ok and I do not have to take any medication.

One thing I must work hard on is my weight, but I doubt I can do it, as I always can't resist temptation and end up overeating.  Guess I have to  work hard in doing workout and cannot be lazy.

My lunch, roasted duck @ $3.50 at Yuhua Village Hawker Centre.

9th Jun (Sat)

After church service, was at Bukit Merah Central for early dinner.

My mum had porridge

with steamed egg, tau kwa with beansprout and mince meat @ $3.40.

I had chicken rice @ $3, add on liver @ $0.50, total : $3.50.

10th Jun (Sun)

Went to a relative place, after that, was at Bukit Merah View for dinner.

I have wanted to try out the zi char stall at Kim San Leng coffeeshop.  Had salted egg diced chicken rice @ $5.

The salted egg diced chicken, find that they had fried it till a bit hard.

The chilli sauce is hot and nice


  1. Salted egg chicken? I have salted egg pork in my blogpost today - so so so nice!

  2. I like salted egg and salted egg chicken I like too!

  3. I wouldn't want to know my blood test result! Lol. But good to know you are doing fine. Health is important but it is alright to indulge in sinful food once a while. Or life would be full and you feel sorry for yourself.

    1. I always scare when come to know of the results as I can't resist temptation...

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  5. I love salted egg in a lot of stuff! Yummy food!

  6. Salted egg chicken look delicious.

  7. Good to hear that your blood test results is healthy. Carry on eating all you want!!


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