Thursday, June 7, 2018

Week 22 (Part 2)

31st May (Thur)

 I receive a WhatsApp message from the Chinese Ministry Pastor of PPH Brethren Church yesterday asking me if Mrs Choo has been discharge from hospital.

Not knowing the answer, I reply that I will check it out and let him know.

During Mrs Choo previous stay in another hospital, she has ever ask me to help her call her younger son.  Mr and Mrs Choo have two sons.  So I have her younger son handphone number.  So I message her younger son and ask him, only to learn that Mrs Choo has not been discharge yet.

Then of course, have to get back to the Chinese Ministry Pastor.

I decide to pay Mrs Choo a visit.  Before visiting her, I went to makan first.

Was at Kaffe & Toast at NUH Medical Centre

I order a set @ $5.30 which comes with soft-boiled egg.

I had the otah bun as I am a fan of otah

Drink, I had hot coffee

Hospital patient food - white rice with cauliflower and fish in which Mrs Choo mention that the fish is salty.

The other time, Mrs Choo ask me to buy chee cheong fun for her to eat the next round I visit her.  So beside the chee cheong fun (before letting her eat, I went to check with the nurse if it's ok for her to eat, if not, I will bring back to eat myself, green light from the nurse, so Mrs Choo eat it), thought I get something for the helper also, but the helper went home to do laundry, so the english muffin with chicken ham and cheese, I bring back and share with my mum.


  1. Hope Mrs Choo get well soon and discharge from hospital. God bless her.

    Otah bun. Long time I didnt take otag-otah.

  2. Hospital food is no so happening. Reminded me of the time I was in hospital, the food was blueks.


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