Friday, June 22, 2018

19th Jun

19th Jun (Tue)

Usually, Polyclinic is always crowded and if no appointment, have to wait very long.  Their online appointment, only same day appointment.

Early in the morning, I have to go online and make an appointment for my mum.  Then, have to call the Day Care Centre and inform them that my mum will be going to the Doctor and then whatsapp the staff who ferry my mum to the Day Care Centre not to fetch my mum.

The Doctor was mentioning about inserting bisacodyl suppository into my mum rectum, it might takes 15 minutes to take effect, vary on different people.  In the end, the Doctor prescribe it to be taken back home.  As he mention, maybe if he were to do it on the spot, on the way home, my mum might have bowel movement.

After seeing the Doctor, ask my mum if she wants to go to the Day Care Centre, if not, thought of bringing her see where she wants to go makan to have our lunch.

She wants to go to the Day Care Centre, so bring her to the Day Care Centre.

My mum lunch, dry hor fun with fish and vegetables.

My lunch at a nearby coffeeshop, fishball mee pok @ $2.50.

After that, I did not go back to the Day Care Centre.  Was tired, so went back for a nap.


  1. It is weekend again. Have a good rest.

    Hope after inserting the thing in, your mum able to do her 'big' business. :)

    1. In the end, I didn't insert the thing, but gave her the powder...

  2. Delicious - this is why I rarely stray from local food. Nice, cheap and satisfying!

    1. Sharon, how I wish we stay nearby, we can be makan kaki, hehe...

  3. The fishball mee pok looks nice!

  4. 我喜歡mee pok!早上看到這個,好餓啊…

  5. I have not tried this fishball mee pok but it looks familiar.


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