Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Week 23 (Part 1)

4th Jun (Mon)

Yesterday, while waiting for the transport outside PPHCSC to go church, Uncle Tang (Uncle Tang is usually very early at the venue) was not there, a neighbourhood neighbour was mentioning previously while talking to Uncle Tang, she notice that his mouth has dropped, she was worry he might get a stroke and need to find out.

After my mum boards the transport to the Day Care Centre.  I decided to pay Uncle Tang a visit (he has given me his address before), but nobody answer the door.  So I make my way to the supermarket to buy grocery.

Before going to the supermarket, I made a stop at the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) office at the Hospital to make enquiry.

Before my mum goes to the Day Care Centre in Feb 2018, the ex-chairman wife of one of the RC in my Constitution has tell me to go Meet-the-People Session to see MP to apply for wheelchair for my mum as she see my mum having difficulty walking.

Recently, an Uncle, a frequent at PPHCSC Friday breakfast, I bump into him, told me to go Meet-the-People Session see MP request for a wheelchair for my mum as he see my mum having difficulty walking.  He told me he has gone to the MP to apply for a wheelchair for his wife and there is 90% subsidy.

Then another round, the ex RC Chairman came and tell me to go Meet-the-People Session see MP apply wheelchair.

All the while, I have no intention to let my mum sit wheelchair, yes, she walks very slow, but she still can walk, so my view is she can walk, let her walk.

There's a day, I went to ask the Executive Director of PPHCSC, Ms R, Ms R is helping out at the weekly Meet-the -People Session.  She was telling me no need to go see MP, if go, only fill up form.  She was also saiding, the decision lies in me, if I were to let my mum sits wheelchair, my mum might not wants to walk, in which I was thinking too.

Yesterday, Uncle Choo and his son was at church, after the service, father and son went to the hospital visit Mrs Choo, while my mum and I went Harbourfront.  On the way back home, bump into them at the bus.  Was chatting with Mr Choo, where he mention his wife now doesn't have the strength to walk and the helper has to wheel the wife around.  That's what worry me too, if I were to let my mum sit in the wheelchair.

At the AIC office, the lady was asking me, can my mum walk.  My reply is yes, my mum cam walk, but very slow, beside my mum doesn't feel breathless when she walk. She then was saying, if my mum can walk, let her walk, why let her sit wheelchair.

If touchwood, my mum really needs wheelchair, when my mum has appointment with the Doctor in the hospital, tell the Doctor, they will arrange for the Occupational Therapist to do the assessment and put up.  I have to pay 10%.

Then went to buy grocery and then lunch.

Sausage, ham, egg set @ $6

Add $1, comes with garlic bread, which I find it had turn cold and not so nice already.

And a mushroom soup

After unpacking the grocery and rest for a while, I decided to go and knock on Uncle Tang's door, again, nobody open the door.

As my mum has been having a cough since last Thursday, and she doesn't wants to see doctor, so I went on behalf of my mum to the General Practitioner that my mum sees before she was admitted to the hospital the other time and was given cough syrup.  The best part is no payment from my side is required (my mum has the Pioneer Generation subsidies).


  1. Hi Sharon,
    Its good for old people if they can walk to do so. Have a wonderful weekend holiday.

  2. Let her walk! Be patient - she needs to stay active or her muscles will start wasting away.

    Btw, where's Uncle Tang?

  3. Yes. Let your mum stay active. If she can walk and do own things, let her. Don't confine her to wheelchair.

  4. Hope your mom will not need a wheelchair. Slow walking is also good to exercise her legs. I love garlic bread with mushroom soup.

  5. 老人家咳嗽要小心處理。希望伯母趕緊好起來!

  6. Hope Uncle Tang is okay. You are kind to check in on him. I'm praying that your mum will never need a wheelchair ..ever! :)


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