Friday, February 16, 2018

Weekend (10th & 11th Feb)

10th Feb (Sat)

My mum was given a ticket for a senior event in the evening.  As usual, we went Church.

After service, instead of having our early dinner at Bt. Merah, I tabao a packet of chicken rice with a chicken liver at $3.50 back to eat, as for my mum, dinner is provided for her.

Brought my mum to the venue of the event.  Thought I will leave my mum there and come back after the event to bring her back.  Then an auntie told me that I could be around as there are those Ah Gong/Ah Ma helper who are there with them. 

Lao hei for the elderly, had a quick snap of it before they start to toss.

2 mandarin oranges for the elderly

11th Feb (Sun)

I need to fill up my fridge as it's almost empty.

Before going to the supermarket, had bento set, Saba fish, chicken cutlet with rice and fruit.

After buying grocery, a piece of Sundae Pie @ $2.95.

The mandarin oranges come in box of 36 which I find too much, so the guy was mentioning how about I take 18, 18 is ok for me.  So he sold me at $12.50.  Box of 36 selling at $23.80.

Bought this 风信子 @ $3.50 at Bangkit Road.  Usually I will buy it every year.

My dinner - bread


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