Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Day 5 of CNY (20th Feb)

The transport was late today as the driver is a relief driver from another Centre.  He was not familiar with the route.

A cat lying on an unwanted stuff in the public area.

I didn't go to the Day Care Centre today.  Thought I will drop by the Hospital to said hi and wish the Nurse that my mum has seen at the Hospital Happy Lunar New Year.  The Nurse is from the memory clinic and that time my mum first visit to see the memory Doctor, she was the one who did the assessment.  She was very friendly and helpful, I will not write grandmother story. 

Couple of months back, I bump into an ex-colleague at Jurong Point.  She was working in a fast food chain there.  She did ask for my contact number which I did gave her, but she didn't contact me.  She did ask me to go look for her when I was in the vicinity.  Thought I will go Jurong Point supermarket get my grocery.  As I do not have her contact number, I could not check with her about her working hours.  The only thing I can do is to walk in and see if she's around.  Too bad, didn't manage to find her.

CNY decoration at Jurong Point

Curry chicken noodle @ $4, @ Malaysia Boleh

Had bee hoon mee

A cup of small cappuccino @ $3 before going back.

When my mum is back, the feedback I get from the relief driver is that my mum enjoy herself.


  1. When I bump into old friends, I must copy their contact number and even take selfie photo right away. After that I never contacted them too and neither did they. The world is like a stage of actors. Ha ha...

  2. Curry chicken noodle looks delicious!


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