Friday, February 16, 2018

Day 5 @ Day Care Centre (9th Feb)

After my mum has board the transport to the Day Care Centre, I went over to PPHCSC for the Friday breakfast session and to read the newspaper before going over to the Day Care Centre.

Breakfast for the day, beehoon with egg and youtiao. 

A slice of cake for those there as they have a monthly birthday celebration.

Bingo time

My mum lunch, thick beehoon with yong tau foo and vegetables.

Since I was not hungry after having the breakfast at PPHCSC, I had ice cream(small) @ $3.20.

My mum tea break

I have sign up for a talk Understanding and Management of Anxiety Disorders, I was quite tired and don't feel like going, but since I have sign up, I go for it.


  1. It is good to attend talks to better understand things which we do not know of.


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