Tuesday, February 20, 2018

CNY Day 1 @ 三姑 house (16th Feb)

Ever since the demise of my grandparents, every year, on the first day of Lunar New Year, we will gather at my 大伯 and 大伯母 house.  

My 大伯 and 大伯母 has two daughters and one son. One of the daughter and son has migrate to the United States while the other daughter is station in Shanghai.  The daughter and son in the United States has ask my 大伯 and 大伯母 to join them in  the United States.  So my 大伯 and 大伯母 has migrate to the United States.

It so happen one of my cousin called 小姑 to ask 小姑 things.  Then ask 小姑, Chinese New Year, how huh? 三姑,五叔 and 小姑 stays together.  So Chinese New Year Open House is at my 三姑 place.  三姑 mention no buffet as she's preparing lunch.

Scallop with cheese

Braised pork with sea cucumber, mushroom, chestnut. 


Prawn roll, which I heard bought from Woodlands Terrace.


Not sure what this is call, but yum yum

Braised pork for 扣肉包

Mid wing

Bee hoon

Kueh lapis brought over by cousin, he has 3 boxes, so he brought 1 box over.  From Indonesia he mention, ask him if it's from Batam, he not too sure.


  1. Glad you had a happy bonding time with your family and yummy food too.

  2. wah, so much good food! I like the chicken wing the best!

  3. Nice to get together with family to celebrate these auspicious occasions.

  4. Nice family gathering and good food!

  5. Wonderful family gathering to celebrate CNY!

  6. 今年我們也拜訪了不少親戚,開心過年啊!

  7. Happy Chinese New Year. Gong xi fa cai!

    So much fun to gather with relatives.


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