Wednesday, February 21, 2018

CNY Day 2 @ relative house (17th Feb)

Actually, I thought after going to my 三姑 house, will then go over to a relative (my mum's side) place.  But then, I was at my 三姑 place till evening.  So I thought I will go on the 2nd day.  Beside, every year, she will cook and serve those who visit her.  I have eaten so full at my 三姑 place, will not be able to eat again if I were to go over to her place.

CNY cookies

Soup with chicken, abalone, fish maw

For kueh pie tee

Prepared by one of her grandson, can't recall beside beef, what's the other ingredients.

Kueh pie tee

There's still some other dishes which I didn't take picture.


  1. The chicken soup looked comforting.

  2. We did not go anywhere - not supposed to visit relatives or friends, I was told. Not one year yet since my father passed away.

  3. Love that soup! And of course the pie tee is my favourite!

  4. that soup is so 'rich' with ingredients.

  5. Replies
    1. As usual, my mouth is itch when I see the snacks, hehe...

  6. I love that tray too. Nowadays we only get served by big bottles of cookies on the table and we have to open by ourselves. The trays were popular since the 1950s!

  7. Lovely food for the celebration.


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