Monday, February 5, 2018

5th week of 2018

29th Jan (Mon)

The lady who came every Tuesday  elder-sitting my mum has training on Tuesday, so she came on Monday.  Seeing my mum fingernails is long, she ask my mum if my mum wants to cut her fingernails.  My mum is ok.  I was telling her, if I were to ask my mum to cut her fingernails, my mum will surely said don't want don't want.

After she left, I ask my mum if she wants to shower, the answer I get is go away, it's none of your business and insist on not showering.

Before going for my Caregiver-to-Caregiver (C2C) class, drop by Ya Kun.

Had a cup of Horlick @ $2

Cheese balls (6 pc) @ $2.80

The class suppose to ends at 9.30pm, but it ends later as during the class, there are long winded participant who keeps asking questions.

30th Jan (Tue)

Usually on Tuesday afternoon, my mum will go PPHCSC for the karaoke session to listen to other sing.  

It so happen I was going to the neighbourhood shop to get something, bump into an auntie (auntie every Friday will go PPHCSC for the breakfast session), she told me PPHCSC will be close from Mon (29th Jan) to Wed (31st ), so to said, no karaoke session.

Received a call from the Day Care Centre regarding my mum going to the Day Care Centre, my mum will soon be going to the Day Care Centre.

Ask my mum to shower, again, she doesn't want, told me, don't want, don't want, it's my problem.

* Facebook picture

In the evening, happy that my kaki Sharon is able to make it for Kickboxing session.

Before going to bed, told my mum, shower the next day, should be good mood, she said ok.

31st Jan (Wed)

Finally, my mum went for shower.  Bring her go jalan jalan as she has been home the whole day since Sunday.

I had red residue chicken mee sua @ $3.50

* Facebook picture

The weather was not good in the evening, thank God, Science Park 1, there's shelter, so the Kpopx Fitness continues.

1st Feb (Thur)

Running errands and make a trip to Bugis area Chinese New Year bazaar.

Before going back, a bowl of minced meat fishball mee kia @ $4.

2nd Feb (Fri)

Brought my mum to Reach Youth Powerhouse Friday Senior Cafe breakfast.

After the breakfast, activity time which the Senior was taught to make a card.

Lunch, my mum had kway chap @ $3.50 (Forgot to take picture of the kway).

My dumpling hor fun @ $3.80

In the evening, while waiting for my friend, saw a cafe at the MRT Station, so went there to have a cup of chocolate kopi @ $1.60 which I never try before.

Dinner at the Chinatown Food Street, fried carrot cake @ $4.50.

Fried hokkien mee @ $5

3rd Feb (Sat)

Attending to something in the morning, then to Holland Drive for lunch.

My mum soto ayam @ $3.70

Was attracted by the nasi padang (chicken) @ $5.20.


cube tau kwa

Drumstick, nice

Stomach still have room, so my mum had 2 piece of bread @ $1.20.

My peanut pancake @ $0.80

Then go Church, and after Church, as usual, my mum wanted to go Bukit Merah Central for dinner.

My mum fish 

with rice @ $8

My soy sauce chicken hor fun 

add 2 dumplings, $4.50

4th Feb (Sun)

Went workout in the morning.

Then as needed to go buy some items, end up in Bukit Panjang and had fried ebi curry rice @ $5 which I find the curry so so only.

When back, I was thinking whether to go for 5pm Sundays at the Park workout, in the end, I was late, 5.15pm then I reach.


  1. I like the dumpling, very big!

  2. Wahhhhhhh!!!! All my favourite Singapore delights!!! I enjoyed the minced meat fishball mee kia when I was there in 1973, and the nasi padang, of course...just thinking of it makes me drool! And the Singapore Hokkien mee too. Yum yummm!!!!

    1. Only that the Singapore Hokkien mee, mostly not serve in banana leaf...

  3. The hand made card is pretty. And wow, so much good food :)

  4. I like some of the food there too... really Singapore takes care of the elderly people, organizing activities to keep them occupied..

  5. I am eyeing the peanut dumpling. Looks cute and yummy!

  6. Gosh. A long food post from you. Everything so delicious. Dry kway chap? Usually we have soupy type over here.

    Your mum sure has temper but it is understandable. Old people and they tend to bully own.


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