Monday, February 19, 2018

Random post

12th Feb (Mon)

After my mum board the transport to the Day Care Centre, I make my way to PPHCSC to read newspaper, then to Bukit Timah Food Centre to look for my friend who runs a business there.  It has been a while since I went there.

Friend used to sell lor mee, but then change to sell chicken kway teow in clear soup.  I have yet to try that and thought of trying it.  Only to realize friend doesn't sell it anymore and change back to sell lor mee.  So I had lor bee hoon mee @ $3.50.

There's a stall selling muffins, cheese tarts, egg tarts, etc.  I was tempted by the cheese tarts, so order a chocolate cheese tarts @ $1.60.

Went to the Day Care Centre in the afternoon.  Tea break for the elderly is porridge.

Previous Monday, I wanted to have bo bo cha cha, it was sold out.  This round, same, sold out, so opt for whatever is available there, which is bubor hitam @ $1.70. Then off to attend class.

13th Feb (Tue)

Thought of going jalan jalan, so after my mum board the transport, went PPHCSC read newspaper, then jalan jalan time.

Was tempted to buy the above, second thought, I won't be using after Lunar New Year, and will be collecting dust at home, and use it 12 years later.

Need to buy fruits, saw this 大吉大利 at the fruit shop.


Craving for mutton, make my way to the halal coffeeshop.  Mutton briyani @ $6.50.

Hard boiled egg


But I like the mutton

佛手 from another fruit shop

Went to the Day Care Centre in the afternoon, tea break for the elderly, 莲蓉包.

* Facebook picture

Chinese New Year coming, must work harder, Kickboxing @ IBP, Icon.

14th Feb (Wed)

As the Day Care Centre will be closed on Chinese New Year Eve,  they have a New Year celebration on Wed (14th Feb).

Loi hei

Lunch will be brown rice with fish, chicken, vegetable.

Craving for fishball noodle, the stall I wanted to patron was not open, so went to another stall nearby.  Fishball soup

With mi tai bak @ $4

Tea break for the elderly

with sweet potato soup

15th Feb (Thur)

My mum appointment at the Polyclinic,blood  test.  After the test, she said wants to go home.  She wanted to tabao foods back to eat, but I prefer to eat at the place itself instead of tabao food back.  So told her, we eat finish then go back. She choose the Kopitiam Food Court at the Jurong East MRT station as it's the nearest to the Interchange.

She had shredded chicken with scallop porridge @ $4.  When I saw the porridge, I was like where's the shredded chicken, it's shredded till very thin.

I had dry u mian @ $4.50

Managed to catch a nap in the afternoon.  Has been very tired recently.

My cooking no eye see, can't post. Recently, has been blessed by a Church member for the dumplings.  Fry or steam, I like, but to be healthy, I steam it.


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