Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Day 4 of CNY (19th Feb)

The driver that ferry my mum to the Day Care Centre is on leave for 3 days.  Usually my mum will be down early to wait for the transport.  The transport that usually my mum takes is own by the Day Care Centre and the driver is a staff of the Day Care Centre.  Before that, I ever ask the driver, who will be taking over from her when she's on leave, she reply she doesn't know.

The transport arrive 15 minutes before the state time.  To make sure that it's the correct transport as the transport is different from the usual transport, I went to ask the driver.  He said I am afraid, he is also afraid as, if ferry the wrong person, he will have to bring the person back again.

Lunch will be brown rice with tau kee, fish, cauliflower.

Tea break - 芋头糕

* Facebook picture

There's no C2C class due to Chinese New Year.  WhatsApp my kaki if she's going for workout, yes, she is going.  Happy to see her and after the workout, we went for a drink, a while only, as she needs to go to her mum's place.


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