Thursday, February 15, 2018

Day 4 @ Day Care Centre (8th Feb)

There's an elderly auntie who stays a storey below me and she also goes to the Day Care Centre, but different Centre.  But her's, the transport fetch her earlier.  Ask my mum if she wants to go down earlier to chat with the auntie.  She's ok, so we were earlier than the usual timing we went down.

My mum lunch, brown rice with cabbage, fried tofu, chicken.

Last few day, I bring my own lunchbox, today, eat at the coffeeshop nearby, I have yet to try the laksa as the stall is popular for the fishball noodle. 

Afternoon, there's volunteers from PPH Brethren Church who comes and sing song, perform for the elderly and Pastor preach a short message.  Heard they comes alternate Thursday.

Tea break for my mum  - a slice of cake (brought over by the Church to celebrate February birthday) and pumpkin kueh.

* Picture from Facebook

Evening time, workout time, piloxing @ Science Park 2.


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