Monday, February 26, 2018

Sunday (18th Feb)

There's a Chinese New Year service at the Church in Tanglin Road on the first day of CNY, but I didn't attend.  No Hokkien and Cantonese service on Saturday.  Sunday, there's a combined service.

The other day, I WhatsApp a neighbourhood neighbour who's attending PPH Brethren Church is there any service in the 3rd day of CNY.   She WhatsApp me back there is.

So my mum and I were at PPH Brethren Church.

After the service, while taking bus no. 188 to Harbourfront Interchange as my mum wants to go to the Food Centre for lunch.

Along the way, the bus caption was grumbling to himself.  A young lady alight, he grumble why she didn't use 11.  Then grumble he drive from Choa Chu Kang to Harbourfront. And then grumble, along Pasir Panjang to Telok Blangah, only 188, there's still other buses that can be taken.

As it's the 3rd day of CNY, the fish soup stall that my mum patron, there's a price hike of $0.50.

I eat from a Malay stall, so no price hike.

Then as usual, walk a round at a round at Harbourfront, then coffee before going back.

My mum wants Heavenly Wang, but no table available, we end up at McDonald's.

Mochaccino @ $4

Joke of the day

On the first day of CNY, 四姑 gave a packet of bak kwa (cheaper brand) to 三姑, as after going to 四姑 place, my cousin (四姑 eldest daughter) is going over to her boyfriend place, she has actually bought bak kwa (more expensive brand), intend to give it to her boyfriend mum's.  She can't find the bak kwa she bought and took the packet of bak kwa 四姑 gave to 三姑.  After everyone left, I was the last to leave 四姑 place. 小姑 was searching high and low for the packet of bak kwa, but can't find it.

Message 小姑 did they found the packet of bak kwa, the answer was, my cousin left the packet of bak kwa she has bought for her boyfriend mum's at home.


  1. Wahhhh!!! RM12 for that cup of coffee. I had one that night too, those high-class coffee, over RM10.00. Heart pain!!! :D

  2. 很久沒有去McCafe喝他們的咖啡了呢

  3. I always pity the bus drivers as they often had to stay wide awake to send everyone safely.

    The bak kwa joke is a bit confusing! I know it has been mixed up but deliberately?
    I see that your mum also loves coffee like you.

  4. Nice pattern on the coffee! So funny about the bak kwa incident!


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