Friday, December 1, 2017

Day 3 in Hospital (25th Nov)

Reached the hospital around 8.30am.  Was then told my mum will go for scan on Monday, if there is no problem with the scan, she can be discharge.  Then came two different therapist, and was told they will be back again on Monday.  Then came a Snr Staff Nurse doing Case Management.

My mum younger brother wife came.  As this is her first time coming to the Hospital, she was complaining that it's complicate as she thought after come out from the MRT Station, will see the Hospital.  It took her around 40 minutes to reach the ward.

Walk her to the MRT Station when she's going back.  Saw Westgate got some new decorations which I didn't see the other time.

Christmas decoration @ Westgate

Christmas decoration @ Westgate

Christmas decoration @ Westgate

Christmas decoration @ Westgate

I was told my mum will be transfer back to Ward 12 at night.  I was curious how come need to transfer back to Ward 12.  Was told Ward 5 is for heart and kidney issue patient.  Since the test that is done for my mum is completed, she will go back to Ward 12. I thought I will go to the Food Court take my meal.  Yong tau foo (minimum 6 pieces) with bee hoon mee @ $4.20.

When I went back to the ward, was told they are ready to transfer my mum to Ward 12.

While at Ward 12, I thought I saw a Church Friend father walk pass along the common corridor.  So I follow him and saw him at the patient lounge dispense water.  I dare not call him as I was worried I called the wrong person. When he saw me, he recognize me.  I told him I didn't expect to see him so I dare not call him just in case I called wrong person.  He was surprise to see me and ask me why am I here.  Told him my mum was admitted to hospital.  His  wife was admitted to hospital.  His wife has a fall on Friday morning and hit her back, huge bleeding and ambulance was called to send his wife to hospital.  His wife was in ICU till Saturday afternoon where she was transfer to normal ward.  His wife sister was also in hospital but different ward from what I understand.

Stays till 8.15pm then I went back home.


  1. Oh dear! So many people in hospital! God be with all of them, wish them a speedy recovery.

    1. And then an ex-colleague hubby was admitted to hospital...

  2. Hope your mom is charged and home now. I like the white Christmas decorations.

  3. I hope your mum will get discharged today. My prayers for her.


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