Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Backdated Post - Random Post

Since my mum and I went for the Saturday Church Hokkien Service.  And the following Sunday, which is the 3rd Sunday of the Month (19th Nov).  Zone 3 RC Monthly Senior Friendship Circle for Senior's 60 and above.

Ask my mum if she wants to go.  Since she's ok, I did not go for the morning Zumba.  If I go Zumba, will be rushing for me as Zumba ends at 8am and the Senior Friendship Circle breakfast starts at 8.30am.

Breakfast was served to the Senior's by the volunteers.  I shy to sit at the chairs, so I was at the corner which is nearby my mum.  Surprised that they gave me a packet of the nasi lemak.

It has been 3 weeks that I did not bring my mum to the PPHCSC breakfast.  I was not very keen to go for it, if not for my mum, I don't think i will want to go.

Usually they lock the door and will open the door only at 8.30am.  Before 8.30am, there were already many people waiting outside.  When the door was open, everyone will start dashing in and make way to the seats.  They have a machine serving milo, tea, coffee, etc.  Then there will be the queue for the drink. Before they announce, can start breakfast, there will be a group who will start to form a queue.  There are 100 plus people in the Friday breakfast session which makes the place cramp.  And every week, same foods, bee hoon, mee, kway teow.

I was telling my mum, I prefer the way the RC did, where the Senior's just sit there and the volunteers serve them. No need to queue 到要死要活.  Whereby in PPHCSC, people still coming in after 9am for the breakfast, no queue, but have to stand to eat.


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