Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Saturday (16th Dec)

As usual, after attending Saturday Church Service, went Bukit Merah Central for early dinner.  This round, went to the other coffeeshop.

My mum wants mixed rice, but not much variety to choose from.

So order from the 烧腊 stall.  My mum wants chicken, so ordered chicken with roasted meat for two person @ $8.

Two plate of kway teow @ $1 each

After finishing, was asking my mum if she wants bao, but she doesn't want, and she wanted wu xiang.  So order a bit to share. I'm not a fan of tau kwa, but my mum likes tau kwa, so the tau kwa, hers.   Wu xiang at $3.90.

Then saw that the mixed rice stall, the liao, out.  My mum wants mixed rice, at first I thought she wanted to tabao back to eat, but she said wants to eat here.  I was shy to go order, wait people said, this two person, eat so much.  So I ask my mum go order, but when at the stall, she seems lost, so I have to go and do the ordering.  Ordered cereal fish and braised egg with rice at $2.70.  My mum finish 3/4 of it and the 1/4, finish by me.

Then it's time to go back.


  1. Wow!! Both mother and daughter could eat one whale! So good appetite la. Happy that your mum is out from hospital and enjoying the food.

  2. Good to see that both of you have hearty meals!! Keep up the good appetite especially your mom...

  3. Mixed roast rice. I could have thay anytime. But prefer not to pour too much gravy on the meats. Usually I ask for separate saucer of gravy.

  4. Good that your mom have good appetite! That is a good sign.

  5. You guys are amazing when it comes to food! If I need recommendations for what to eat in SG, I will look for you..lol.

  6. ur mum really have good appetite...It's great to be stil able to enjoy life and food at old age!


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