Monday, December 4, 2017

Backdated post - Hospital Visitation (15th Nov)

A friend of mine was admitted to hospital due to back infection and had an operation on Monday (13th Nov).  As friend was staying in the East side, the nearest hospital was Changi General Hospital.

It has been donkeys month or year that I went there.  Can't recall when is the last time I was there.

When I reach Simei MRT station, thought I will go Fairprice at Eastpoint get something for her.  Taken for granted that the supermarket is in the basement, I went to the basement, walk one round.  Opps, no supermarket.  Can't be, as neighbourhood Shopping Centre, sure have supermarket.  Went back level 1, wanted to go find customer service to enquiry, then when I saw a lady carrying the carrier of the supermarket.  So went to ask her, only to realise supermarket is in level 5.

After getting what I want, thought I will walk there when I saw the shuttle bus at the bus stop, so I took the shuttle bus there.  If not I will walk there as Changi General Hospital is not far from Simei MRT.

When I reach the ward, then I realise friend was in High Dependency Ward.  My first time in High Dependency Ward.

After visiting friend, went Eastpoint jalan jalan.  I have not been there for donkeys months or years.

Since I was not very hungry, I end up at Qi Ji having a popiah @ $2.30.

And coffee @ $1.60

It so happen that there's an MRT incident at Joo Koon Station that morning and also MRT has been breaking down on and off.  So I thought I will take train to Bedok and take a bus home just in case MRT breakdown again.

The unlucky thing is, the bus I am taking, 1/4 into the journey, there's a passenger alighting and the door could not close after the passenger alighting.  The captain then was communicate with the controller through the bus radio contact.  A lady then tap her card and alight and it so happen another of the same service number was approaching.  She then told those in the bus and everyone follow suit, tap the card and board the bus behind.

From the previous breakdown I encounter before, the bus captain will switch the reader to breakdown mode and we will tap and we are not charge the fare and the bus captain will give a complimentary ticket and guide us to the next bus and we need not tap our card.


  1. The S'pore MRT breakdowns have been a big news lately and all fingers seem to point at the politicians. It is confusing a bit as our politicians would point fingers instead of themselves. LOLOL

  2. Over here, it is not convenient to rely on public transport.

  3. I love your MRT system though. It's convenient!


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