Monday, December 11, 2017

Day 6 in Hospital (28th Nov)

Since my mum is going to be discharge, I took my own sweet time to go to the hospital.

Thought of going to eat the laksa which my ex-colleague mention not bad at the eatery which I went on Monday.  But I told my mum we will go eat lunch after she's discharge before going home.  Second thought, I forgot to ask what time they are open.  So had chee cheong fun @ $2.50 at the food court going to the ward.  

When I reach the ward around 9.30pm, the first question my mum ask me, why are you so late, then told me she has taken her breakfast which is macaroni and medicine.  Then ask me can she change, told her got to wait for nurse instruction.  A while later, the nurse ask her to change as Emergency Dept.  have patient waiting for bed, then wait at the patient lounge.

While  at the patient lounge waiting to be discharge, the Physiotherapist came.  After the Physiotherapist is done, it's waiting time as was told, doctor doing their rounds.  After waiting for sometimes, still no news, went to ask, they said can discharge, the documents, will mail over. It's goodbye time to the ward.  Went to collect medicine before going to the Food Court to eat.

My mum had yong tau foo (didn't take picture) while I had chicken biryani @ $5.50.

For the biryani

Second round, coffee and pandan kaya cake before bringing her back to rest.


  1. Finally! After long procedure, your mum is home. Nice lunch before heading home

  2. The chicken briyani looks good but expensive la....

  3. Glad to know your mum is discharged, it is very tiring and taxing on the body for both patient and family when someone is in hospital

  4. Aiyo ..sorry I'm late. Hope your mum is alright. Good that she's back home already.


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