Friday, December 8, 2017

Day 5 in Hospital (27th Nov)

Reached the hospital around 8.30am as not sure what time is the scan.  At around 9am, my mum was wheel for the scan. I was told, my mum will be doing the Ultrasound scan.  I followed the Porter using the staff route.  While walking, we chit chat a bit, she said she chin chye, some Porter don't like patient family member to follow.  If Doctor ask, tell them I am accompanying my mum.  As the Hospital procedure, staff route is not for visitors use. Some  Sister, they will nag.

Saw banner at IMM foodcourt, promotion for the above bento set @ $5.90 on Sunday while I went there for a walk.  So I decided to go there for the bento set.  Borrow my mum Kopitiam Card, since the bento is on promotion, so no 10% discount.

While back at the ward, phone rang, it's the Medical Social Worker, telling me she came to talk to my mum.  Told her I am at the Ward, she then came to talk to me.

In the afternoon, while my mum was taking a nap, I thought I will go downstair walk walk. End up at an eatery where they sell cake, just when I was queuing wanting to buy cake as mouth itchy, eye also greedy, saw someone walking towards the eatery, aren't she my ex-colleague.  We didn't met for many years.  Her husband is in the Emergency Dept, so she came to makan. She mention her husband told her the laksa is nice, so she came here for it.  We did have a good catchup.  While at the eatery place, phone rang again, this round, it's the occupational therapist, he's coming to see my mum walking.

Till late afternoon, no news yet whether my mum will be able to discharge, my mum starts grumbling and again she blame me for causing her to be admitted to hospital.

My mum is someone who is very scare of taking medicine.  I ask her, how come at home, you will tell me why keep taking medicine and in the hospital, you co-operate with the nurse when she ask you to take medicine.  The answer I get is, if I don't listen to the nurse, the doctor won't discharge me.

In the evening, around 6 plus, the doctor told me my mum can be discharge.  She's busy attending to patients, so I got the news at this timing.  Since it's getting late, might as well discharge the next day before noon which I also find it's better to be discharge the next day.

I ask the nurse, the next day, what time can my mum be discharge and I can no need to come so early?  She told me discharge at 11am and I can come around 10am.

I left after my mum takes her medication at around 7.30pm.


  1. Cake looks good. Nice bento too!

  2. That's good news that your mum is being discharged! Hooray!

  3. Good that your mum can be discharged and go home.

    Yummy bento.

  4. Hope all is well once your mum is discharged.

  5. Sometimes the elderly is very stubborn in taking medicines :(

    Speedy recover to your mum, you too, take care!

  6. Good news your mom can be discharge. Your mom would be very happy!

  7. Good to hear that all is well... May God bless you and your mom.. !

  8. Speedy recovery for your mother

  9. Your mum is smart and funny about the medicine. It put a smile on my face reading your story. She is so cute to blame you!


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