Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Vegetarian bee hoon mee @ Redhill Market

I hardly go to the wet market to do my marketing as usually I go to the supermarket.  There's a vegetarian stall at Redhill Food Centre which I quite like and it has been a while since I went there.  Beside, I quite like the market there as many stalls there.  So I decided to go there to do my marketing.

There's a vegetarian stall at the coffeeshop there and one at the Food Centre.  Usually, I had it at the Food Centre.  My vegetarian bee hoon mee @ $3.


  1. I have never tried vegetarian. My girl had vegetarian bryani for lunch yesterday - she enjoyed it but that one, it was bryani rice with curried vegetables added.

  2. A wonderful and Happy New Year Sharon. God be with you always.

  3. I like vegetarian beehoon with lor!!

  4. Once in a while I don't mind having vegetarian food. Happy new year 2018!


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