Thursday, November 30, 2017

Day 2 in Hospital (24th Nov)

My mum was admitted to Ward 12, but transfer to Ward 5 after I left on the 1st day of her hospitalization as they need to do some test for her heart at that ward, that what I was told.

The visiting hours for visitors on Mon to Fri are 12 noon to 2pm, 5pm to 8.30pm. Sat and Sun are from 12 noon to 8.30pm.

Not too sure if I can go early, I start my day going for the exercise session at my neighbourhood park which is from 8am to 9am.  Went back to shower, then show my face at PPHCSC for the breakfast session.  Stay for a while before I went back, collect my things and go to the hospital.

Reach around 10 plus, went to the registration counter to check if I could go in earlier.  Was told that they will register me as the caregiver to my mum and I can go in anytime till she's discharge.

There's a Garden at Level 5

Flower at the Garden

Relatives came to visit my mum, after the visit, we went Hanis for lunch.  I had the half roasted chicken set which comes with a soup and drink.

Left at around 8.15pm and went Fairprice X'tra walk one round before going back.

Christmas decorations @ Fairprice X'tra

Christmas decorations @ Fairprice X'tra


  1. Hope your mum will get better each day as she has the best care now at the hospital.
    Your plate with the thick chips and tiny carrots are so appetizing.

    1. I was so full after eating the chicken that I could not finish the chips, hehe...

  2. Roast chicken looks good. I had chicken yesterday and it was not cooked inside, blood on the meat still. So pissed off. Blogpost on it coming soon.

  3. Hope your mom will be better soon.

  4. All the best to your mum!
    You also take good care ya!

  5. Hope your mom will be discharge soon after all the test. All the best to your mom and peace be with you, Sharon!


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