Thursday, December 21, 2017

Sunday (17th Dec)

It's the 3rd Sunday of the month.  Senior Friendship Circle by Zone 3 RC.  I didn't go for the morning Zumba as bringing my mum to the Senior Friendship Circle.

Two types of foods.  I was serve with fried hokkien mee, my mum was serve with bee hoon.  It so happen, Guest-of-Honour, Member of Parliament for my constituency turn up this month.  Previous Sunday, no Guest-of-Honour turn up.

In the afternoon, went to visit a relative at Tiong Bahru.  After that, I end up at Beo Crescent.  The Food Centre at Beo Crescent, most of the stalls are closed.  Walk and walk, end up at a coffeeshop.

I was tempted by the mixed rice stall salted egg as didn't eat it for a while.  End up having mixed rice @ $3.50.

Chicken, which was cold, it will be better if it's warm.

One of my favourite vegetable, kangkong

Salted egg to satisfy my craving

Overall, don't think I will go back for the mixed rice if I were in the vicinity.

Pass by a shop selling pastry, eye greedy and also cannot resist the temptation.  Bought two apple crumple king at $0.90 each and a fruit tart at $1.80.

Shop name is Happy Oven


  1. I like the fruits tarts! The name Happy Oven is attractive.

  2. Ooo...salted egg looks good, very lemak. I would enjoy that mixed rice, I'm sure.

  3. I am eyeing your salted egg.. looks fresh and nice!

  4. Me too cannot resist pastries, see already sure buy!

  5. I like your choice of dishes - kangkong, fried chicken and salted egg are my fav!

  6. I like my dishes to be kept warm. I dont mind salted egg once in blue moon. Open up the appetite.

    1. Same here, I prefer warm... Have not eat salted egg for a while, so when saw it, was tempted to order it...

  7. I am salivating - everything looks so yummy :P`

  8. I like the salted egg yolk! And also the fruit tart! Yums!


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