Monday, December 18, 2017

Follow-up (6th Dec)

My mum was scheduled to see the Psychiatry Doctor at the Hospital on 6th Dec at 1.15pm.   We left the house left so as to have ample travel time and also we can go for a cup of coffee at the Hospital before going for the appointment with the Psychiatry Doctor.

Just when we are at the bridge linking Westgate to the Hospital, I heard someone calling out to me.  I turn back, turn out to be my Church friend father.  He told me that his wife is still in hospital, the day before (5th Dec), his wife has difficulty in breathing and was transferred to ICU.

After having a quick coffee and bringing my mum to the Clinic, there are still time before seeing Doctor, ask my mum not to wander off and to sit at the clinic,  I became a speed runner and went to visit the Church friend mum's.  My first time at the ICU.  I nearly lost my way out, luckily bump into a staff who shows me the way out.  If not, I do not know how many rounds I have to turn before I can find my way out.

After seeing the Psychiatry Doctor, we went Hanis for early dinner.

Ice Lemon Tea @ $2.40

Stir fry hor fun @  $8.50 which I find overpriced as only a few small prawns, some char siew, egg and vegetables.

Sweet tooth me can't resist the temptation to order chocolate raspberry square cake @ $3.80.

Then we went to the Food Court near the Interchange for second round, my mum wanted mee siam, no more gravy, left the dry version.  Dry mee siam @ $2, add a bergedil @ $1.  Should be our first and last time eating this dry mee siam.

The other time I was at IMM, bought nine layer cake from a Thai restaurant.  My mum said it was nice.  So I ask her if she still wants it, since in the vicinity, if she wants, I could go get it.  Ask her to wait for me at the bench provided in the Hospital, I walk to IMM to get it.  One piece at $1, 3 pieces will be cheaper, $2.50.

Then it's time to go back to rest.


  1. I prefer the nyonya mee siam, the one with the gravy.

  2. I would not be able to resist that square cake too.

  3. Hope everything will run smoothly for you and your mom... take care!

  4. The chocolate cake looks inviting. Hope everything is well with your mom from the doc's appointment.

  5. Hope your mom is fine ! Love the nyonya Luigi!

  6. I love to see the way you pamper your mum with good food that she likes. Your love and patience towards her is very excellent as a fabulous daughter.

  7. You are lovely, Sharon. Always patient with your mom and going out of your way to give her the best you can. xx


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