Friday, December 22, 2017

Dinner @ Canton Paradise Compass One (10th Dec)

Morning before I go 三姑 place, she WhatsApp me, are you eating dinner.  My answer is, of course yes, since I miss her homecook foods.

While there, boss (小姑) said eat out.  They decided on Compass One @ Sengkang.  While on the way, boss was mentioning, if not rain, can go Punggol End, lots of foods there to eat.  As the carpark there no shelter, have to carry umbrella.  
Since I am not familiar with Compass One, they decided on what to eat.

We end up at Canton Paradise.  (Dinner for four person, 三姑,五叔,小姑,我)

Appetizer - peanut with chestnut

Chicken claw, which I don't eat


Char Siew with roasted duck


Salted egg prawn


XO carrot cake

Ee fu mian

Chee cheong fu

Please don't ask me how much, as boss paid for the meal.

After that, time to go home.


  1. Food looks good. Love those peanuts, never had them with chestnuts before. Love those chestnuts too - sure would put that dinner starter dish a class above the rest.

    1. Usually what I had is peanut, my first time also with chestnuts...

  2. Aiyo ..chicken claw is my favourite though..haha! Yummy food, Sharon xx

  3. Everything looks delicious and sedap! I like that peanuts with chestnuts as I had never eaten them together like this. Must be Singapore style.

    Merry Christmas to you.

    1. Merry Christmas to you too...

      My first time eat it with chestnuts...


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