Thursday, May 4, 2017

Sushi Express

I was doing my grocery and undecided on what to eat, when I saw Sushi Express, decided to eat Sushi.

(1) The location is at IMM

(2) Compliment Green Tea

(3) Seasoned Baby Octopus

(4) Salmon

(5) Sea Eel

(6) Tamagoyaka

(7) Lobster Salad Sushi 

Sushi Express
2 Jurong East Street 21
#02-64 IMM
Singapore 737713
Tel : 6563 2748
Fax : 6563 2749


  1. I used to enjoy sushi but now I prefer maki.

  2. I will only eat the cooked ones. Had a bad experience with the raw ones.

  3. Your sushi looks good! One of my favourite food.

  4. Japanese is expensive here and the very nice place that we liked a lot eventually called it a day. My girl still goes to one of the others, not me.

  5. I love sushi but can never remember any of the names. I skip the raw ones ;P

  6. I have eaten this place in Singapore and it is really express!! Nice for me.


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