Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Social Worker 3rd Visit

The Social Worker came to visit my mum for the 3rd time yesterday (22nd May).  This round, he's here to chit chat with my mum.  The other time he came, I ask him if he has any loose adult diaper and I explained to him I do not want to buy just in case my mum do not want to wear.  In the first place, he mention he want to bring a pack.  Told him, no lah, just 1 or 2 piece will do. He managed to find loose piece and brought a piece.  Now is to persuade my mum to try wearing the adult diaper if she were to go out.


  1. I hope your mum agrees to wear the diapers.

  2. My mum will wear adult diapers when she has to sit up to eat with everybody else at the dining table, for instance. Otherwise, we will just use it to line the bed instead of wrapping her up all the time, so hot.

    1. Think at home should be ok, only go out have to persuade my mum to wear...

  3. Good luck with persuading your mum.

  4. Hope all will go well with what you are going to do... same to your mom as well..take care..

  5. Hope your mother will listen to you and you take care of yourself too.

  6. God bless you, Sharon and may things work out. :)

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