Friday, May 19, 2017


As usual, my mum would want to go and wait for the transport at 7.30am which the transport will come at 8.30am to go church.  I was in a little rush and i forgot to check on her, phew, she did not soil on Sunday.

Guess it's Mother's Day on Sunday, usually the transport to the Church, it was not full.  But on Sunday, the transport was full.  And some are not regulars who goes every Sunday.  Some come, on and off.

After service, the refreshment for that day is Bee Hoon with long bean, otah and a small piece of which they said is fried prawn roll, but to me, taste more like ngoh hiang to me.

A lady saw me taking picture, ask me, this also have to take picture, reply i write blog.  The lady reply, so free.  I kept quiet.  Aiyo, must be so free then can write blog meh. 

As usual, my mum wanted to go Seah Im Food Centre for lunch, i have wanted to eat the Chicken Rice from one of the stall there.  Ordered the Chicken Rice with sambal @$4, which i find that the sambal is not spicy at all.  I should have ordered the Ayam Penyet @ $5, which i think that will be more worth the price.

It comes with a bowl of soup

Then we went Harbourfront walk one round and my mum wanted to have coffee and bread.  They do have set which comes with Coffee, Soft-boiled egg, and bread, but my mum do not want the egg, so ordered ala-crate. Ordered a large cup of coffee @ $2.40 to share.

Bread with Peanut Butter @ $2.40

After that, went back to rest, before going for the 5pm session Sundays at the Park.


  1. That is a lot of sambal on the chicken.

    Haha. I think some people dont understand why we write blog. They really thought we have nothing to do. Lol.

    1. Lot of sambal, but not spicy...

      Haha... Maybe that's what she was thinking, lol...

  2. Kopitiam Kopi, roti, two soft boiled eggs set is $2.

  3. Chicken rice with sambal? I would prefer that to mayo, not something I would enjoy.

  4. Some people think that we blog because we have lots of free time. We won't blog if we have no interest. Anyway, as long as we enjoy, we continue to blog. Nice coffee with bread and peanut butter.

  5. Yummy food, Sharon ^.^

    Come to think of it, there's nothing wrong with being free and blogging is a healthy activity that stimulates the mind. She is a bitter woman.

  6. The chicken rice with sambal looks delicious. I would wish for more sambal.

  7. I like this kind of activity with transport that makes your mum to look forward every week. Most elderly and seniors would be bored at home with nothing much to do.

    That aunty could be right that I am too free at times to read so many blogs. I am quite lazy to write and update my own blogs.

    1. Only that usually she like to go down early, got an Uncle, not too sure what time he reach, usually he's the first person to reach, my mum second to reach...


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