Friday, May 12, 2017

Pro Coffee Sdn. Bhd.

After clearing Malaysia Immigration, C pick me up at the pick-up point.  Suppose to go to another café which is further away, since I was late, and M last min has something to attend to, we didn't have much time, so in the end, we end up in Coffee Signature.

C Photo, as for this Café, u know lah, in Malaysia, I not familiar, so where ever my friend go, I follow, this place is found by C while driving.

Seats outside the Café

Plants outside the café


While waiting for M to arrive, we start to order first, my cup of Café Mocha

C Caramel Macchiato

Salmon Egg Benedict

Creamy Forest Mushroom Pasta

Huevos Rancheros

As we are celebrating M birthday (actually it's over, her birthday is on 17th April, we are celebrating belated), we ordered 2 pieces of cakes for her.  Salted Caramel Cheese and Matcha Cake.

Before leaving, I decided to pay a visit to the ladies, while out from the ladies, saw a rabbit.

C drop me at the usual place, i went to walk one round in City Square, before going back Singapore.  While on the way back, saw that the Incoming Malaysia Immigration is still Mountain People Mountain Sea, while the outgoing, very smooth.

Pro Coffee Sdn. Bhd.
53, Jalan Serampang
Taman Sri Tebrau
80050 JB, Malaysia
Tel : 07-3305731


  1. Sure would love to try the Huevos Rancheros. This old man so jakun, dunno what that is! :(

  2. Oh dear. What is the rabbit doing there? I think it's a Lionhead Rabbit. Condition doesn't seem too good.

    1. Not too sure why it's there, as when i reach the place, i went to the ladies, it was not there, when leaving, i thought i will go again, then see the rabbit...

  3. I like the vertical garden and I would enjoy your cup of mocha.

  4. The rabbit looked pitiful. Is it a pet??

    Nice day spent in Malaysia.

    1. Not too sure if it's a pet, as when i reach the place, i went to the ladies, it was not there, when leaving, i thought i will go again, then saw the rabbit...

      Only that time spend with friend is short...

  5. 蛋糕最吸引我了!讚!

  6. The cakes look fabulous!! Yummyyyysss!!

  7. The food and drinks look fantastic! What a nice place to go for a Birthday celebration. Haih...I wish I can join you..


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